Cooking Squad Review


Organisation-4.5 stars

Fun- 5 stars

Teamwork-5 stars

Total- 5 stars


I really liked the activity because you got to decorate your cupcake. The group could improve by being more organised. The best part was when we decorated and ate our cupcakes.

The Ritcher and Mercalli scales

The Ritcher and Mercalli scales may all be based on earthquakes, but they are highly different in many ways.

The Ritcher scale is more accurate , and it is measured by a seismograph, a tool used to measure the severity of earthquakes.

The Mercalli scale is judged mainly by eye, and the damage it causes.



Mothers day

I crept up the stairs, holding the tray. One of the pancakes slipped and fell on the floor. My puckish cat ran over to the pancake and started licking it. Great. The last thing I needed was the cat getting sick. I rushed in mum’s room and screamed, ” surprise!” I placed the tray on one of her make-up filled table and started filling the pinãta (with make up). Dad was at work, her friends only came at 12.00 pm and my cat was too busy being sick😒 so I had to cut the triple-layer cake dad bought. It was an unusually large cake, so it took me about 5 minutes to cut. After that, her friends came around, so we ended the day with toasts.

Why my mother is special:

She is caring

She is a genius


She has a really good temper ( like my annoying father)


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Today we tried controlling a mini robot from Lightning Lab. ( the mini robots were called spheroes ) you could move them by coding or driving. I enjoyed it.

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